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Heritage Tourism : it runs in the family

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Mr and Mrs Le Guillouzer with six of their seven children, picture taken in the early fifties.

Le Guillouzer Real Estate Agency was founded by Marcel Le Guillouzer in 1946. From the very start, it was highly specialized in holiday rentals. In 1980, it was taken over by Marcel’s eldest daughter Maryvonne, and later by his grandson Devrig in 2008. The name Le Guillouzer is one of the oldest patronymics in Trégastel. In his book entitled Trégastel, le passé retrouvé (Trégastel, looking back over the past), Emmanuel Mazé mentions a certain Vincent Le Guillouzer in the list of sailors ennobled by Jean V, Duke of Brittany, for sailing to Scotland in order to negotiate a marriage contract between François de Bretagne, the Duke’s eldest son, and Isabeau of Scotland, daughter of the King of Scotland. To begin with, the Le Guillouzer were either fishermen or farmhands. Over the centuries, they contributed to the development of Trégastel. Two of them became mayors, namely Jean from 1824 (?) to 1830, and more recently Loïc from 2001 to 2008. Two other members of the family were elected town counsellors, first Marcel right after the Second World War, and later his daughter Jeannic from 1989 to 1995. Several of them played a leading role in tourism: Marcel and then Loïc were chairmen of the local tourist board for many a year, and in the interval Maryvonne became the vice-president.

Faience of Quimper. This large panel of faience tiles hung for many a year over the department of souvenirs at the Galeries Sainte-Anne store. Henriot Quimper, private collection (Le Guillouzer).

In 2013 Devrig entered the board of directors of the enlarged tourist information office of the Lannion-Trégor district. The family has always been concerned with the preservation of the Breton heritage and environment, as well as with the promotion of artistic expression. Several members were at the origin of the creation of associations in relation with those fields of interest, and some of them are still active today.

Wedding picture of Anne-Marie (Pierre and Maryvonne Le Guillouzer’s eldest daughter) with Sylvestre Le Goff, circa 1920. First on the right on the second row, Marcel Le Guillouzer.

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