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« Hello, French Television, Channel 1. I would like to talk to Mr Devrig Le Guillouzer.
- Speaking.
- We are doing a TV coverage on the beginning of the tourist season in Brittany tomorrow for the mid-day news broadcast. We would like to drop by your agency and meet a family of holidaymakers in one of your rentals. Do you think that’s possible ?
- Of course it is. You are taking us unawares, but you can count on us.»

In the course of the next morning, on July 8 2015, the camera crew arrived as scheduled, together with poor weather conditions. Rain and drizzle had come by surprise between two gorgeous days. The team of journalists quickly adapted, so did our customers and staff. The report was broadcast right away.

The anecdote is an illustration of the flexibility of Le Guillouzer Immobilier. Our agency has always adapted to new developments in tourism on the Pink Granite Coast, as shown by the opening of a secondary office in Perros-Guirec in 2016.

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