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From the Castle of Costaeres to Tourony

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In the early twentieth century, Pierre Le Guillouzer left Troperig and his labour as a farmhand to become the odd-job man of the Castle of Costaeres (meaning the watchtower), built on the island bearing the same name. The Gothic-style castle had been erected at the end of the nineteenth century by the Polish engineer Bruno Abakanowiecz, known as Abdank.

Flyer of the Hôtel Quo Vadis dating back to 1937.

Pierre, his wife Maryvonne and their family settled in the gatehouse located on the mainland in Ploumanac’h, behind the cove known as the plage de la Bastille, in reference to a castle dating back to the Arthurian period and called Kastell Vran. Vran is the Breton word for raven and the bird was one of the Arthurian symbols. Just before the beginning of the Second World War, Pierre and his son Marcel built a small hotel along the beach of Tourony in Trégastel. The building is still there, although it is no longer a hotel but an apartment building. It still belongs to the Le Guillouzer family. Just facing it, the island of Costaeres is within walking distance at low tide. As you collect clams and winkles, you will get closer to the mysterious castle, well protected by a granite porch and its deterrent gate. But do not get caught up by the tide coming up swiftly, always have a tide table with you (complimentary copies at the agency).

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