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From the Rue de la Plage to the Rue du Général de Gaulle

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Hotels and boarding houses of the Rue de la Plage (now Rue du Général de Gaulle)

For the Quo Vadis Hotel (named after Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novel), business came to a halt with the Second World-War. When the Liberation occurred, Marcel decided to buy a shop with adjoining lodgings in the Sainte-Anne area in Trégastel where he settled with his wife Germaine and their two daughters Maryvonne and Hervine. In the course of years the family enlarged with the arrival of five more children, namely Jeannic, Loïc, Annie, Marcel-Pierre and Armelle. The building had to be extended as well and the shop gradually became a department store called Les Galeries Sainte-Anne, which contributed to the development of the fast-growing seaside resort. Locals and visitors still remember the atmosphere of the place which sold clothes, notions, all kinds of footwear from wellies to wooden shoes, fishing tackle, crockery, earthenware, postcards, stationery, cameras, films, to name but a few.

Mrs Le Guillouzer in front of her souvenir shop.

The Real Estate Agency was added in 1946. Its main activity was then –and still is - holiday rental. At the beginning it had no premises as such and the dining-room table was used as a desk. The Rue de la Plage, which was to be renamed Rue du Général-de-Gaulle, gradually became the commercial artery of Trégastel during the thirty-year boom period after World-War II, with newsvendors, all kinds of retail stores, garage, butcher shops, hotels, bakeries, pharmacy, souvenir shops, hairdressers, art galleries, pubs and restaurants. In the summer, starting at eight in the morning, newspapermen on their bicycles could be heard shouting: “Ask for the latest edition of Le Petit Écho de la Mode !” The street remained busy until late in the evening and Mrs Le Guillouzer rarely closed Les Galeries Sainte-Anne before eleven pm.

Publicity of the agency in the 1960’s bearing the message “Ni a gomz brezhoneg” (we speak Breton).

As the sector gradually took a more residential turn, Le Guillouzer Immobilier (Real Estate) developed its activities and spread out over most of the space previously occupied by the store. The Forum de Trégastel (heated sea-water swimming-pool and fitness centre) and the Marine Aquarium also contribute to keeping the Rue du Général-de-Gaulle a busy place.

Map of Trégastel distributed to holiday makers at the time of Marcel Le Guillouzer, featuring beach fishing grounds, rental locations and list of hotels (out of 16 at the time only 3 remain today).

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