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. This Agreement is deemed confirmed and definitive (see § 4. special terms for online transactions). Having paid a deposit for the Rental Period, the Lessee agrees to take possession of the holiday home on the contractual first day and to pay the balance one month before the start of the Rental Period.
If these Previsions are not fulfilled, and if the holiday home can be re-rented, only the loss suffered by the Lessor and the Agency’s commission will be payable by the defaulting Lessee.
. Our prices do not include heating and other consumption calculated either on meter reading (at the current rate) or on a fixed rate (based on normal consumption, any excess will be charged extra), nor tourist tax (fees and terms set by city by-law). Meters are read on the morning of arrival (or the day before if the rental is not occupied) and on departure.

The Lessee agrees that the Rental Period may not be extended without prior agreement of the Lessor or Agency.
The Lessee declares upon his honour that he will not undertake any professional activity in the holiday home and that the holiday home is being rented to him as temporary accommodation only, these being major Previsions in the absence of which this rental would not have been granted.

A Security Deposit is paid to cover damage which might be caused to the rented Property and to household effects and other fittings in the rented holiday home, and to pay the various charges and consumption.
This sum will be refunded within one month, after deduction for replaced objects, any repair costs, additional cleaning and charges for water / electricity / gas consumption. If the Security Deposit proves to be insufficient, the Lessee agrees to make up the total. If the Rental Property has a telephone, the Security Deposit will be refunded only after the next telephone bills have been received.

. The use of online payment implies full acceptance of the present general conditions by the Lessee. Online reservations with secure payment by credit card will become final only after receipt of booking deposit (or full price for reservations taken less than a month before arrival) and signature of the rental contract. If we cannot answer your request, payment by credit card will not be cashed.
. Our rental offers and prices are valid subject to final confirmation of availability. Errors or modifications may exceptionally occur. While we strive to provide a high quality service, we can not be held responsible for them or for any service interruption, technical malfunction, failure, repair, update, improvement or maintenance of our website or of that of our banking partner, Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne.
. Pursuant to paragraph 12 of Article L. 221-28 of the Consumer Code, no right of withdrawal can be exercised by the Lessee after the conclusion of this contract.

. The keys to your rental will be available at the Agency located 2, rue des sept Iles 22730 Tregastel, on the Saturday of your arrival between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Any arrival outside scheduled hours or day is subject to a contractual agreement with the Agency, failing which our Agency cannot be held responsible and will not bear the cost of any hotel overnight stays.
. The Lessee agrees to accept the rented holiday home in its condition upon entry, provided that this condition conforms to the hereby annexed description.
. Furniture and household effects must only sustain depreciation from normal use, for which they are designed. Those that are missing or made unusable due to abnormal use, must be paid for or replaced by the Lessee with the consent of the Lessor or his Agent. This clause also applies to wallpaper, textiles and to the building in general. The rental agreement does not include linen.
. If necessary, the following amounts of money will be retained :
a) the value of broken or cracked objects;
b) the cost of washing or cleaning stained rugs, blankets, mattresses, bedding, etc.
. The Lessee agrees to leave household effects and fittings where they are usually kept and to only use them for their intended purposes. He formally agrees to not remove them from the rented holiday home.
. The Lessee agrees not to dispose of any objects likely to block drainage, basins, bathtubs, bidets, sinks, washtubs, toilets, etc. and should blockage occur, he understands that he must pay repair costs.
. The Lessee may not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES sub-rent or transfer his rental agreement to a third person without the express consent of the Lessor or his Agent. Failure to comply with this Prevision automatically terminates the Agreement. He agrees to use the rented holiday home for residential purposes and not under any circumstances for storing any effects except linen and small objects.
. The holiday home must never be occupied by more than the number of persons stated in the Special Provisions of the Agreement without the prior agreement of the Agent.
. The Lessee must allow any urgent repair work to be carried out in order to maintain the rented holiday home and/or any shared facilities.
The Lessee is allowed to keep pets in the rental holiday home after having obtained the approval of the Agency.
. If the rental Property is inside a Residential building, the Lessees must obey the Residents’ Regulations and the Lessee hereby acknowledges having been informed of these regulations. In particular, it is forbidden to hang linen from windows and balconies.
. If the Lessee renews the Rental Agreement for an extended period, commission will be due to the Agency for the new Rental Period, in accordance with the Agent’s fees.
. The lessee should inform the agency of any problems within three days of taking possession.

. In order to satisfy its clientele, the Agency makes every effort to offer additional optional services (household linen, wifi, final cleaning, etc.). These are provided by a network of carefully selected external partners.
However, should one of these services be unavailable despite our efforts and for reasons beyond our control, the Agency declines all responsibility and the rental contract will not be cancelled.
. The final cleaning service is proposed subject to the availability of cleaning ladies and is definitively confirmed when keys are handed over. The Agency also reserves the right to cancel this service without the Lessee having any claim to compensation or to pursue remedies. In the case of a final cleaning service, notwithstanding the departure time mentioned in the contract, the premises must be vacated by 9:00 am.

The Lessor agrees to place the rented holiday home, as described in the rental description, at the Lessee’s disposal and to observe the obligations herein.

The Lessee must take out insurance against theft, fire, broken glass and flood damage, and for all types of general risks associated with renting furnished property and their household effects, as well as third party insurance cover. Proof of such insurance cover must be shown to the Lessor or the Agent on request. Consequently, the Lessor and the Agent decline all liability for any claims made by their insurers against the Lessee.

Failing to make a payment on a due date or to abide by any clause of this Agreement will result in a formal letter being sent, which if unheeded for eight days, will allow the Lessor or his Agent to immediately terminate this agreement, upon which the Lessee must leave the rented holiday home, by order of a judge.

All information collected by the Agent for this Rental Agreement shall be stored in computers to help the Agent fulfil his duties. In compliance with the amended Data Protection Law of 06 January 1978, all concerned parties retain the right to access, rectify or remove any personal data. To exercise this right, the Parties must contact the agency whose address appears below.

The undersigned parties hereby accept to choose as their domicile the offices of the Agency and agree that in the event of a dispute the competent court shall be the one located in the area of the rented accommodation. Costs incurred fall to the expense of the Lessee.

LE GUILLOUZER IMMOBILIER accepts payment by cheque, credit cards (VISA / MASTERCARD only), cash and bank transfer.

This agreement was written in French and translated into English for the benefit of English-speaking clients. All care has been taken, but if the translation differs from the original, the parties agree that the French version will prevail.

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